6 Best Backup Plugins For WordPress Website

Do you have a Website on WordPress? Or Do you looking for the best backup plugins for WordPress Sites?

Here I am to make it easier for you. This article will help you to find the answer to your query. Before Going to the straight, I told you about the importance of backup. If you have less time to read then read from the headline “6 Best Backup Plugins For WordPress

If you have websites then a backup of the website is very essential.

Why We Need Backup Of Our Site? Is it important to take backup?

Yes, a site needs to take a backup and it’s very important.

Every plan should have a backup plan for success. If first plan will flop then the backup plan will help you to stand.

Same as above the backup of your WordPress site will help you to re-establish the site if your site will be hacked, crashed, malware affect, vicious attack, victims of user error.

If anything happens like above will lose your business, SEO ranking, website visitors, connection with your client.

But backups will allow restoring all your content, database, all files and help to rebuild your site. And, therefore it doesn’t affect your business, SEO, etc.

How To Take Backup Of WordPress Site

How to take a backup of your WordPress site?

To take a backup of your site you need to install backup plugins on your WordPress back-end. This backup plugin will allow you to take an automatic backup, just you need to schedule time as your changing period of content. Also, you can take backups manually through the plugin.

Some web hosting companies like siteground, a2hosting, etc provide you to take automatic or manual backups freely on their hosting plans. But, some companies don’t provide. You need to pay extra for it.

If your web hosting plan has a backup option then for manual backup you log in to the cPanel, also you can set up an automatic backup by setting schedule time.

Although the web hosting company provides backup you need to install backup plugins for safety or easy uses. Because the plugins are easy to use and you can access the plugins through the WordPress dashboard.

But, in the case without plugins, you need to log in cPanel daily for checking the backup is working or not, and for taking manual backup. It’s a lazy process. But every blogger logs in to the WordPress dashboard daily and an active minimum of 2 to 3 hours. So, at that time you can check the backup plugin is working or not. And take a manual backup if you want to change anything on your site.

So, let you bring to the main point of the article “6 Best Backup Plugins For WordPress

6 Best Backup Plugins For WordPress


Updraftplus, best backup plugins for WordPress,

UpdraftPlus is one of the most popular and trusted WordPress’s best backup plugins. It has more than 2 million active installations. The most loved backup plugins.

I also recommend you to use this plugin for its easy to use interface. You don’t need any technical knowledge to use the plugin.

The free version of the plugins enough for you. On the free version, you can easily set up full, manual, and automatic backup of your site. You can backup all files including database, themes, plugins. Also, you can easily restore all files from the backup.

You can set up an automatic backup by the scheduled time, schedule backup ranges from an hour to a month.

Updraftplus gives you multiple remote storage. You can upload backups on multiple locations including Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace, FTP, Dreamobjects, OpenStack Swift, email, etc.

Updraftplus also have premium versions. For additional features, you can try premium.

2. BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy backup plugin

BackupBuddy plugin is one of the best solutions for the WordPress backup process. It is different from the other backup plugins.

Other backup plugins allow you to backup the WordPress database, while BackupBuddy back up your entire website which important to run a website including pages, posts, widget, comments, theme files, plugin files, theme & plugin settings, WordPress settings, WordPress database, WordPress core files, users, media library uploads, custom post types, categorizes & tags, images, videos, etc.

You can backup all of those elements using this plugin. Also, you can set which element is to be backup and which element is not to backup.

You can set a scheduled backup if you don’t want to backup manually. And, after completing the backup they sent an email. And if you need attention they also sent an email. This feature makes BackupBuddy one of the best backup plugins on the market.

BackupBuddy allows you to restore your website on the previous version of the website in one click if anything goes wrong with your website.

And, you can remote storage locations on Dropbox, Google Drive, BackupBuddy Stash. Also, it allows you to download the zip file of the backup on your computer.

3. VaultPress (Jetpack)


VaultPresss is one of the powerful backup plugins for WordPress developed by WordPress’s team at automatic. VaultPress is now part of another plugins named Jetpac founded by WordPress team.

To use VaultPress you will need a subscription to Jetpack. Also, you have to install Jetpack plugins on your site and WordPress.com account. If you use Jetpack for other uses then you can use this backup plugin.

Through VaultPress you can automated daily backup or real time backup. And, in few clicks you can restore your website if anything goes wrong.

4. BlogVault


BlogVault is the most reliable WordPress backup plugins. The plugin is installed on 400,000+ websites.

You can easily backup your WordPress site. The best feature is that you can backup your site even the site is down from the BlogVault own dashboard in a few clicks. Even you manage multiple sites on their dashboard.

The best solution is that it’s allowing you to store the backup in multiple places including Dropbox, Google Drive.

You can easily migrate your site from one host to another host just using this plugin. And, recover your website in just a few clicks.

The greatest thing is that its affordable prices i.e, 7.4$ per month on the basic plan.

5. BackWpUp


BackWpUp is free backup plugins for WordPress. It allows you to backup complete WordPress installation and remote storage on multiple locations such as Dropbox, Amazon S3, RackSpace, FTP, Email, and On your computer

It is very easy to use with a simple interface and allows you to set an automated scheduled backup.

It’s pro version support more thing and has many features like remote storage location on Google Drive.

If you need more features you can go for the pro version.

6. Duplicator

best backup plugins

Duplicator is also one of the backup plugins. It’s used to migrate the website, also has backup features.

As per the name, it is used to migrate, clone, and duplicate the website without any downtime. You can easily change the domain name from one to another and transfer hosting one to another using this plugin.

To use this plugin you should have some technical knowledge because it’s not as easy as the above plugins.

This plugin is very helpful and suitable for developers. Also if you want to use it then it’s also best for you, but not easy to use.

Conclusion: Best Backup Plugins For WordPress Site

Above all the plugins which are used for backup WordPress site. You can use any of them. Also their dozens of backup plugins available on the market.

I recommend you to use the best one which is UpdraftPlus.

It is easy to use and also free to use. If you need additional features then go for the premium.

So, this is all about the Best Backup Plugins For WordPress site. Post your valuable thoughts in the comment box. You can share the article if you love the article and want to help others also.

Also, you can read Step By Step Guide of How To Start A Blog.

Thank you😊😊

FAQs Related To WordPress Backup Plugins

What is the best backup plugins for WordPress?

For the straight answer, UpdraftPlus is the best WordPress backup plugins.

How do I backup my WordPress site for free?

Install the UpdraftPlus plugin on your WordPress site. UpdraftPlus is a free backup plugin. You can easily backup your WordPress site for free.

What is the best way to backup a WordPress site?

Using backup plugins is the best and easiest way to backup a WordPress site. Use UpdraftPlus, BlogVault, Duplicator, VaultPress plugins to backup a WordPress site.

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