8 Easy Strategies On How To Find Blog Post Ideas

Are you running out of ideas to write a new article on your blog? How to find blog post ideas for new articles?

Don’t worry Here I share “8 Easy Strategies How To Find Blog Post Ideas”.

Choosing a niche for blogs is not tricky, but writing new articles consistently with new ideas on the same niche is tricky. If you don’t find or research your mind will be out of ideas to write new articles.

If you want success in blogging journey you should write quality content on blogs consistently. And, to write new articles consistently you should have new ideas on your mind. If you have not right strategies finding different ideas the same topic are tough.

Below are some easy and simple strategies on how to find blog post ideas. These strategies are very simple and easy also helpful for beginners.

Strategies On How To Find Blog Post Ideas

Strategy No 1: Google Search Recommendation

google search recommendation, how to find blog post ideas,

Like above shown on the picture google will recommend keyword ideas from your searching keyword. And, you can write different articles targeting those different keywords.

Here I search a keyword “food recipe” and google recommend some another keyword related to food recipe. If you have food recipe related niche blogs then you can write articles on targeting those keyword. These could be the articles targeting those keyword on the image which is recommended by Google.

  1. Best Food Recipes For Dinner
  2. Healthy Food Recipes For Us
  3. How To Cook Delicious Food Recipes
  4. Healthy Food Recipes For Kids
  5. Healthy Food Recipes For Old Person, etc

To use this strategy use any keywords under your niche and get blog post ideas Google recommendation.

Strategy No 2: People Also Ask From Google SERP page

People also ask,

As shown on the image Google will show People Also Ask segment on SERP page when you search anything on Google.

Google will take some popular question which is frequently asked on Google and put those questions on People Also Asked segments as marked on the image.

Here I search “Food Recipe” keyword on Google and then Google will recommend those questions marked on the image. That means people frequently search these questions on Google.

You can take ideas from the questions from people also asked segment to write new articles on your blogs. Below will be articles from questions marked on the image

  • Top 10 best homemade food
  • How to cook a new recipe
  • Best foods to cook for dinner, etc

Strategy No 3: Search Related To “Keyword”

Google search related

This strategy is approximately as same as the No 1 strategy. When you search any keywords on Google the search result page contains some keywords at the end which is related to the searched keyword.

As marked on the above image, Here I searched for Food Recipe Google will recommend some keywords related to Food Recipe at the end of SERP page.

Google will recommend these keywords marked on the image because these keywords are mostly searched on Google which is related to Food Recipe.

So you can get ideas for blog posts from searches related keywords. Because these keywords are frequently searched on Google and that is why Google recommend these questions at the end of SERP page.

If you targeting Searches related keywords and write different articles for different keywords then you have more chances to gain organic traffic.

Strategy No 4: Install Chrome Extensions

Install Two extensions on chrome browser of your computer Keyword Surfer and Keywords Everywhere. This two extension will help you to research keyword and find blog post ideas.

Keyword Surfer

Keyword surfer

As shown on the image, here I searched for Food Recipes and the right side of search results page keyword surfer shows some keywords with search volume and similarities percentage with Food Recipe.

Keyword surfer also tells you some details of your searched keywords. You can check monthly traffic of ranked article on Google search results page and the ranked keywords numbers of the article.

As marked on the image you can get ideas from the keywords recommend by the keyword surfer.

Keyword surfer will shows these keywords because people searched these keywords on Google’s. And that means on separate keyword there could be a separate article.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords everywhere

As shown on the image, here I searched for Food Recipes and then the right side of SERP page the extension Keywords Everywhere recommend me some keywords.

From this keyword, you can find new blog post ideas. I always use this extension for keyword research and for finding new blog post ideas

Strategy No 5: Find Ideas On Quora

If you don’t have new ideas to write articles find ideas on the Quora website.

Quora is the no 1 Question-Answer available on the Internet. On Quora, users can asked questions, followed questions and answered questions.

You can search for your topic to find questions and answers.


Here I searched for food recipes and then Quora shows some questions which are answer by some users as shown on the image.

How to find blog post ideas

Also, as shown on the image on the question-answer tab you can get many questions related to your niche, just you need to set topics. Here I set blogging and digital marketing as a topic because my niche is blogging and digital marketing. And that is why you can see the blogging related questions on the image.

These questions could be articles like below

  • Best SSD Hosting In 2021(Current year)
  • Best WordPress Hosting In (Current Year)
  • How to do SEO For Pages(beginner guide), etc.

To set topics click on the pen tab as shown on the above image and then click on add topics.

How to find blog post ideas

And now search topic and select the topic as shown on the image after that click on Done button. Congratulations you are set topics.

Now Quora will only show you questions related to your topic. And from asking questions you can write articles on your blog.

Strategy No 6: Get Ideas From Ranked Articles

How to find blog post ideas

As I marked on the image, here I searched for food recipes and those articles are ranked on the first page. If this article exists on the Internet and rank on the first page you can also write the same article with your own language.

I don’t tell you to copy, just read those articles and get ideas from articles. And, then write articles on that topic with a unique style. Always try to write unique articles which are different from others available on the Internet.

Strategy No 7: Get Ideas From YouTube

Youtube is considered as one of the 3rd top most search engines on Internet.

Nowadays, video content is in high demand. And everyone prefers youtube first to search for anything. There are billions of content available on youtube.

If you want to get new ideas for new article search any keywords related to your niche. After searching youtube will recommend you videos on keywords.

Watch the videos and get ideas from those videos and write articles on that topics.

Strategy No 8: Follow Other Bloggers

This is the one of the best strategy to get new ideas for blog posts.

Follow other bloggers related to your niche. Write their articles, learning from them. You can get many ideas for your blog posts from experience blogger.

Read articles of experience blogger and then write articles on same topic. Don’t copy the complete article just get the ideas from articles. And the research on that topic deeply and then write a articles which different from that article.

Remember, one thing it’s a bad habit to coy others but gets inspired by others and do the same with own creative style is not a bad habit. Google hate exact copier content but not hate unique content on the same topic.

So always follow other blogger and read them frequently and get blog post ideas from their articles.

Conclusions: Easy Strategies On How To Find Blog Post Ideas

So above all the 8 easy strategies on how to find blog post ideas. I also follow those strategies to write my new articles.

Bonus tips: How I getting ideas for my blog posts ?

I always follow other bloggers and read their article regularly. When my mind becomes completely blank and stuck for new ideas to write articles, then I always prefer to read more and more articles on my niche and also watch videos on youtube.

Reading and learning will help you to get new ideas for articles. Reading will help you to expand your knowledge, and knowledge will help you to write articles for your blogs.

This is all. Thank you for reading the article. Post your valuable thoughts on comment box and share if you loved.

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