About BloggingCot And Owner

Hey, I am Babul Hussain (But, Everyone knew me as Jintu Which is my nickname, well you can also remember me as Jintu).

I am the founder and owner of this site ” BloggingCot” And, I create the site in August 2020.

Why I create the BloggingCot site?

Since 2018 I am doing blogging because I love blogging. On my blogging journey, I experienced many mistakes and try to learn from my mistakes till now.

And, I created this site to help beginners to help them build a powerful blog that earns a lot.

If you want to learn about blogging tips, SEO tips, make money online tips then you can follow this blog.

You can build your first blog within 30 minutes with the help of the following step by guide.

You can choose your perfect niche easily with the help of the following guide.

You can choose the best blogging platform to start your blog with the help of the following guide. But, I prefer WordPress to choose.

Note: If you are searching for quick-rich skim, quick blogging hacks, you have not faith in hard work and not believe in quality content then this site is not for you.

Story Behind this blog, me and my blogging journey

There is a very long story behind this blog, me and my blogging journey.

I love technology and curiosity to learn about technical things from childhood.

But, I didn’t know about the Internet and how it’s work and I didn’t know that we can earn money using the internet at that time.

I heard about the Internet in class 7(I think 2008) but I didn’t have any facilities to learn about the internet and how it’s work because I am belongs to a middle-class family.

In class 11(2014) my family bought a mobile for me and after that, I start to use the internet for Facebook, WhatsApp. And sometimes I used the internet for watching youtube videos because at that time internet package was very expensive.

In 2017 I bought a new 4G smartphone and use Jio SIM. And, everyone knows that how Jio has changed the market of the telecom company.

With the help of Jio, I was spending the whole time on YouTube watching videos.

One day, I browse a video that “how to earn money from YouTube” and I was shocked that people can earn money from YouTube.

I am excited to learn more about how to earn money and then I found many ways( including blogging) that we can earn money online.

And, then I start a YouTube channel and fail, and start second, third, fourth and I failed everyone because I make videos on every topic with very low quality.

In 2018 March, I started my 1st blog on Google bloggers(1st mistake) with a free domain name(2nd mistake) and tried to write everything(3rd mistake). After 6 months on this blog, I gain 3k to 5k monthly organic traffic(I don’t know how).

And, then I create two more blogs on bloggers with a free domain(4th mistake). One is job-related other is technology-related (like smartphone, tech news, laptop, DSLR, make money online, etc everything on technology). I don’t choose a specific niche because I fear that I can’t write many articles on the same topic(5th mistake)

Do you know my biggest mistake?

I don’t remember how many blogs I have created on Google blogger or wordpress.com and left after writing two to five articles( biggest mistakes)?

But, I remember only those three blogs because I had written many articles till the end.

I waste 2 years on those three blogs. And can not earn 1 rupee from those three blogs.  Also, two blogs have good organic traffic but I failed to get approvals from Google AdSense.

And, then I decided to shift my blogs to WordPress and during the process accidentally I deleted the backup file of my blogs.

And, then I had to start from the beginning. I lost everything traffic, followers. After that, I start a new blog on Job niche which is going good now.

And, after starting the blog I realised that I had to create another blog to help beginners to make their blogging journey easy.

And, August 2020 I created this blog BloggingCot. This is my blogging journey and I am not a pro blogger. Still, I am learning about blogging experiencing new strategies.

Now, I own three blogs including this blog. You can follow this blog to learn about blogging tips. I can’t show you the other two blogs for many reasons but I can tell you what topic about that blogs.

One is about job and career and my third and recent blog is an Amazon affiliated niche blog(technology-related) with writing uses and importance of that products.

Thank You.

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