Top 10+ Vital And Best Free WordPress Plugins On Your Website

Best free wordpress plugins

Do you have a WordPress website? If you have a website, you need some essential WordPress plugins. In, this article I told you some best free WordPress plugins.

Only having a website is not enough for you. You can’t manage the website manually, because it takes lots of time. To saving time you need essential plugins, which makes everything simple and easy.

You don’t need to sacrifice many hours to find the best free WordPress plugins, here is the list of best free plugins. I am also using these plugins on my website according to my needs.

Read the article, because from this article you will going to use 5 to 7 plugins on your website. Every plugin that I am telling you in this article is very important. They are free to use but also has a premium version, if you are a beginner then the free version is enough.

If you are still not creating your website and want to start then read the ” How To Start A Blog Step By Step Guide ” article.

List Of Best Free WordPress Plugins You Should Use

1. Yoast SEO (Most Popular SEO Plugin)

Every blogger knows about the Yoast Plugin. The most popular plugin for SEO.

You don’t need an explaination regarding Yoast Plugin. I highly recommend you to use the Yoast plugin for SEO, I loved it and use Yoast plugins for every website.

Among all plugins from the list, Yoast is the best WordPress plugins. Yoast is free, but you can go for the premium version also. If you are a beginner I will recommend you use the free version because free is more than enough.

Using the Yoast SEO plugin, you can create a sitemap, submit your website on google webmaster, yahoo webmaster, bing webmaster to rank on google, yahoo, and bing.

Make your post SEO friendly and do on-page SEO using a yoast plugin.

2. W3 Total Cache ( Speed Plugins)

Having a WordPress website is not great, a website with a fast loading speed is incredible.

A super-fast website is the best user experience. People always want to visit a fast website. If your website loading speed is slower then visitors will exit and visit another website. Who wants to lose time on a website whose loading speed is very poor.

And, also google prefer a super-fast website. Speed is also one of the factors to rank your website.

There are lots of WordPress plugins who work for speeding your website. But, I recommend you to use the W3 Total Cache plugin. I also use and I loved it.

W3 Total Cache purge cache, optimize the website, minify CSS, improve seo, and user experience. This plugin faster your website loading time and performance by leveraging features and the latest best practices.

3. UpdraftPlus ( Most trusted Backup Free WordPress Plugins )

If you are a blogger you need to backup your website. It is very important to get a backup every day. If your website will hack or crashed or anything happen wrong, the backup will help to get back your complete website with all content.

If you are finding the best backup plugins, UpdraftPlus is the most trusted backup plugin in the world. It allows you to take backup manually as well as automatically on a schedule that you set.

And, also UpdraftPlus allows you to save a backup of your website on many cloud storage i.e, Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft, etc.

UpdraftPlus is easy to use and it’s free. And, also have a premium version.

4. Smush Image Compressor And Optimization

A useful blog article is incomplete without a relevant images. An article becomes useful when the article contains screenshot and instructions images. And, also images help to SEO optimize the article.

But, there is a problem with adding images to the article, images will slower the website that means they increase loading time. And, also Google always prefers super-fast websites.

So, you have to add images as well as you need to decrease loading time also. And, there is one solution images compressor and optimization.

Smush will help to compress images without reducing size. Compressing images manually without reducing size is a headache. But there is a simple solution just use the Smush plugin, it will compress your images automatically. And also you don’t have to compromise your loading time.

5. Elementor ( WordPress Website Builder )

Only having a wordpress website is not enough that I told you above. You have a great design for your website. If your website design is not good and attractive, people never come again. With attractive and great design a website looks like a professional website. And, people always trust professional websites.

To design a great website you need website builder plugins, and Elementor works well in this field, which is the most popular and free website builder plugins. I also used, and most popular and pro blogger also uses Elementor to design their website.

Use the Elementor website builder and design your website look professional. If you need advanced features go to the pro version of Elementor.

6. Akismet Antispam (Free WordPress Plugins For AntiSpam )

In this field lots of spammers available. They always try to spam in comments, contact forms, etc. To manually handle that spammer is too hard and a waste of many times.

WordPress itself provides its free plugin to stop spam called Akismet AntiSpam. This plugin very essential, I highly recommend you use this plugin.

Akismet control spam comment and contact form automatically, you don’t need to take headache for spamming comments.

7. Limit Login Attempts Reloaded ( Safe Your Website )

You know in the online world millions of hackers present. They tried to hack websites every day and night. And, You have to save your website.

WordPress itself allows an unlimited login attempt. And, that is why the password could be cracked through a brute-force attack. But if you use Limit Login Attempt Reloaded plugins, no one can attempt to login unlimited.

These plugins make it a limit to attempt the login process. If anyone tried to login 3 times and after completing the third attempt, the plugins block the IP address. And, because of this your website will safe. I highly recommend you use these plugins to save your website.

8. One Signal ( Plugins For Sending Push Notification)

You have a website and contain quality content on your website. But, bringing traffic to the website is not so easy. And, that is why if a visitor comes to your website then keep them as your regular readers, otherwise, they will forget about your website because there are millions of websites available.

So, one signal will help you to bring back your old visitors to your website. Install the one signal plugins and done settings to send push notification.

After doing all settings, When a new visitor visit your website a pop-up will shown on the screen, which asks the visitors to send a push notification. If the visitor allows to send push notifications, when you publish a new article a notification will go to the visitor. And, that is one of the processes to bring traffic to your website.

9. Thirsty Affiliate Link Manager

When we starting to affiliate, we faced many problems. The main problem is affiliate links are too long and very tough to remember them. To use the affiliate link again and again we have to do copy and paste, which is waste of time. And, also adding the no-follow attribution to links is one problem.

We always recommend some products for every post. And, we need some easy ways to convert the links to keyword for making it simple.

Thirsty Affiliate Link Manager is the plugins that allow us to manage affiliate programs easily. And, make our affiliate journey very easy and simple.

If you are an affiliate marketer use these plugins which very helpful and vital for your business.

10. Woo-Commerce

Woo-Commerce helps you to convert the WordPress website to a fully functional E-Commerce Store. And, you can sell any physical product like – protein, nutrients, t- shirt..anything.

It is the most popular and powerful plugin. And, using Woo-commerce anyone can easily convert their popular website to eCommerce stores.

This is the free and open source plugins that easy to use, and also support in all devices.

Woo-commerce helps you to bring offline business online and improve your business.

Conclusion : WordPress Plugins

So, above all the Top 10 Vital and Best free WordPress plugins you should try. All of them are very important as your need. Millions of blogger use them.

But, one thing google always prefers fast loading website, so use minimum plugins on your website. Because using too many plugins make slower the website. That is why always use the minimum plugin which is necessary for you.

Thank you, if you loved the article make sure to share it on your social wall. And, you can comment on your favorite plugin.

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