How to Choose A Perfect Niche For Your Blog

How to choose a perfect niche. Choosing a blogging niche is not easy for starting a new blog. You can find here a complete guide about the niche selection process.

how to choose a perfect niche

Starting a new blog is too easy but writing article on that blog is difficult. Anyone can write a minimum of two or three articles easily but for the next article you got stuck and then a question will arrive on your mind now what is next? For this, You have to know how to choose a perfect niche?

So A Blog Niche selection is not easy. Choosing any wrong niche will create many problems. Choosing the right niche is enough that makes you a successful blogger.

Select a blog niche is all about on your mind. No one has the idea that they choose a perfect niche for you because it’s all about people own interest.

How to choose a perfect niche?

So if you want to start a blog and for your blog, you have to select the right niche. Before selecting a niche you should knowledge on niche and market difference.

Now, what is the market?

The market is a topic which is cover more niches. That means the market is a combination of many niches.

Sometimes You hear that he works in the travel niche and works in the health niche. But travel and health are not a niche. These are the market.

Most importantly 70% blogger always pick a market for their blog and as a result, they fail. Let’s talk about niches.

Some Popular Markets are 

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Sports
  • Relationships
  • Happiness
  • Photography
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Travel etc.
Above all are the market and now if we go dive to market as a result we find some sub-market under the main market.
1) Health: Firstly If we research deeply on the health market there will be many Sub-market. For example
  • Nutrition
  • Diet
  • Weightloss
  • Meditation
  • Strength Training
  • Yoga
  • Patient Care
  • Health insurance
  • Medicine
  • Homemade medicine etc.
2) Wealth: Secondly in wealth Market there also some submarket. For example
  • Finance
  • Real estate
  • Sales
  • Investing
  • Stock Market
  • Digital Marketing etc.
3) Relationship: similarly in relationship
  • Love
  • Parenting
  • Dating
  • Honeymoon planning
  • Marriage advice etc.
4) Sports: Likewise in sports
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Hockey
  • Olympic
  • Kabbadi
Above all are some examples of sub-market. Now in your brain, a question will arrive that if these are Market or sub-market than what is niche or topic?

What is a Niche?

Niche is a small subject under sub-market. which set a super targeted audience. Where the audience wants to read a particular topic.
For example, Some blogger works in Yoga so the audience around this blog interested in yoga. Some blog in Protein they target that audience who have an interest in protein.
Yoga Blog Example – Yoga Journal 
Protein Blog Example – Right To Protein
Therefore it will clarify that Niche is a topic which audience have likely the same interest.

Market > Sub-Market > Niche

How to choose a perfect niche

For example, Health is a market and Nutrition is sub-market and Nutrition for moms is a niche.

So audience under this niche is to visit a blog to reading nutrition for mom topic. And all audience have the same interest in nutrition for mom. So here we do not target all type of audience just target a specific type of audience which is called a niche.

Under a niche blog, it’s easy to reach an audience because there is not a lot of blogs who write about that. So the competition is low. And you target a specific audience. Work hard on and consistently on a niche and grow your blog super fast.

What is the perfect niche for you?

Everyone who wants to start a blog they have questions that in which niche or topic we should work. Simply I told works in that niche which have your interest.
Remember one thing you don’t have experience and many knowledge or expert to start a blog within a niche. Because you gain experience from your work and time to time from the Internet, YouTube, competitors from anywhere.
Better you have interest in this niche. it’s very important. Because you are going to build a blog where you work for a lifetime. Think yourself is it easy to write an article for a lifetime if you don’t have an interest. So interest is important.

How to Find Your Niche?

Here is some step through which you can find your niche.

Step 1: Create A list of Market

At first take pen and paper. Okay, let’s create a list of the market on paper.
Now select all market based on your interest. If you have knowledge of any market than very good. If not then okay you can gain if you have an interest.
List of the popular market is given above check.

Step 2: Check Sub-Market

Make the list of the market as your interest. Now check all sub-market under the market and make a list of them.
Now make a list of small topics or subject under the all sub-market from your list. Now pick a topic which you have small knowledge. And these will be your niche
Eg :- Wealth > make money online > digital marketing > (blogging,affiliate marketing,shopify,drop shipping)
Here digital marketing is a niche and blogging is a micro niche that is niche under niche. If your selective niche has a micro-niche than pick that micro niche for fast growth.

Step 3: Profitable Niche

After picking a niche check.
  • Is this niche have a profit?
  • Can you earn from the niche?
  • Can people invest in your niche?

If you starting a blog for earning money regularly and make it your profession than pick a profitable niche.

There are two ways of earning money one is Google AdSense and another is Affiliate Marketing.

If you want a lot of money from a blog than the affiliate market is best. Affiliate market makes 4 times more money than Google AdSense. So for affiliate earning you must have to choose a profitable niche.

EG:- Nutrition (protein, supplement ): Niche undernutrition are profitable, how?

People who want to read about protein, supplement they also buy protein and supplement. That means they invest in this. So Prefer them best protein and supplement to buy through affiliate links. And they will buy as a result you earn money. Also, you can sell them your books and course.

This is how you earn a lot of money through affiliate market and Google AdSense.

If you choose an unprofitable niche than you have only depended on the Google AdSense. You can’t affiliate because people do not invest in it.

Eg:- if your niche is about SMS, quotes, free wallpaper, jokes than people just comes to your blog and read jokes, SMS, quotes and after complete reading they will leave. Because they just come to entertain not to buy anything.

So on this type of niche, you just earn through Google AdSense. And that’s why pick a profitable niche that can help you sell product and increase your earning.

Some example of profitable niche:- Beauty, fashion, acne problem, diabetic problem, pain problem, remembering problem, money problem etc.

Why Niche Selection is Important?

Niche selection is very important for starting a blog.
  • Without a niche, blog growth is too difficult.
  • Niche is a highly selected audience so your visitor will be regular and growth will faster.
  • Sell and affiliate through the specific product.
  • On a niche audience, everyone has the same problem the same goal so build your community becomes easy.
  • Can convert your viewers to any platform like Fb, Instagram, twitter.
  • On a niche, Your article does not depend quality depends. So daily hard work will decrease because you don’t have to write an article daily. Just write one article per week.

So this is all about How to Choose A Perfect Niche. Go and find your blog niche and work under that niche. Best of luck for your success. If you like the article leave a comment and share to your friend who has this problem to find a profitable niche.

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