How To Migrate From Yoast To Rankmath Easily Without Losing SEO

How to migrate from Yoast to Rankmath? Or, Switching from Yoast to Rankmath.

Migration to Rankmath from other SEO plugins is very easy. Rankmath makes it easy to migrate from another SEO plugin to Rankmath. But you need to very careful about some points.

In this article, I write step by step guide on how to migrate from Yoast to Rankmath without losing any SEO data and traffic.

Rankmath is a very lightweight plugin, which code is highly optimized.

Why do many bloggers like to shift Rankmath from the Yoast SEO plugin or another?

Rankmath is an SEO plugin that provides all required features in the free version, while in the other plugin those features are premium.

In the free version of the Yoast SEO plugin, you can use one focus keyword, while in the Rankmath plugin you can use 5 focus keywords. Or, if you use a filter then you can make it unlimited.

Now, how to migrate from Yoast to Rankmath? It is easy to migrate from Yoast to Rankmath without hurting the SEO of your site. Just follow the following step for migration to Rankmath.

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Migrate From Yoast To Rankmath

Remember one thing don’t delete the Yoast SEO plugin before installing Rankmath. Rankmath will automatically deactivate the Yoast after migrating.

If you delete the Yoast SEO plugin before installing Rankmath you will lose all SEO data and need to do SEO from the beginning.

Also, this tutorial will same for other SEO plugins that you want migration to Rankmath.

Step 1: Install Rankmath SEO Plugin And Activate

Installing a plugin is easy everyone knows how to install plugins.

Go to the Plugins-> Add New option of the WordPress dashboard.

And, now search for Rankmath using the search box.

Rankmath, migrate from yoast to Rankmath

Install the Rankmath plugin and activate it.

Step 2: Connect Your Account

Migration to Rankmath, Rankmath tutorial,

Click on the connect your account or you can skip the process for later.

Migration to Rankmath, Rankmath tutorial,

Use one option to login which is suitable for you. I prefer you to use Google. Don’t forget to check the box Terms& Conditions, Cookie Policy& Privacy Policy.

Step 3: Start The Setup Wizard

After completing the account connection. Rankmath will bring you to this page like the screenshot below

Rankmath setup wizard, migration to Rankmath,

Choose Advanced mode. Don’t worry you can change it later. And now, click on the Start Wizard.

Step 4: Import Settings From Yoast SEO

Rankmath import data

Check all the settings on Yoast SEO. If you have a redirection plugin then Rankmath will import all settings of the redirection too.

If you use Rankmath then don’t need to install extra plugins for redirection. Rankmath will take care of redirection.

If you don’t use any redirection plugin then 2nd option will not show on the page like the above screenshot.

And now click on the Start Import. After clicking on Start Import wait for a few seconds, Rankmath will import all the settings from Yoast SEO and redirection plugins that you can safely migrate your SEO plugin to Rankmath without loosing SEO.

After completing the process of importing settings click on continue for further step.

Step5: Choose Type Of Website And Upload Logo

migrate from yoast to rankmath

Click on the arrow mark to choosing the website category.

For example, if you run a website where you write articles to solve user queries and giving information on any topic then choose the Personal Blog as your website category.

If your website is news-based means writing news on the site then choose News Category.

These are the categories of website

  • Personal Blog,
  • Community Blog/ News Site,
  • Personal Portfolio,
  • Small Business Site,
  • Webshop,
  • Other Personal Website,
  • Other Business Website, etc.

After choosing the category upload the website logo for Google. The size of the logo should be from 160×90PX to 1920×1080PX.

Complete this step by click on Save& Continue.

Step 6: Integrate With Google Analytics

migrate from yoast to rankmath

You can integrate your Rankmath account with Google Analytics. This is not important, you can skit this step for later. Or, if you want to integrate Click on Connect Google Services.

I skip the step for later. Don’t worry it’s easy to integrate. After clicking on Connect Google Services Rankmath will bring you to the Google Account page. Just choose one Google Account and allow all to give access to your Google Account to Rankmath.

Step 7: Configure Sitemap

migrate from yoast to rankmath

And now move to the next step of sitemap configuration.

Do the same settings as the above screenshot and click on Save and Continue.

The sitemap will help you to index your post and pages to Google and other Search Engines.

Step 8: SEO Optimization

migrate from yoast to rankmath

Do the same as the above screenshot and click on Save and Continue. Or, you can turn off the second settings. Here I turn on the setting because I manually give the do-follow attribution to some external links on every article.

Step 9: Complete Setup Wizard

migrate from yoast to rankmath

Congratulations your site is ready to use Rankmath.

And now click on the Setup Advanced option.

Step 10: Set Role Manager

migrate from yoast to rankmath

Turn on the role manager if your website has different users like editor, moderator, etc.

And select all the options that you gave them access to the site. And then click on the Save and Continue.

Step 11: Set 404 Monitor And Redirection

migrate from yoast to rankmath

Turn on the 404 monitors and redirection.

404 monitors will check how much time visitors face any 404 Page Not Found and let you see the results.

And, Redirection will take care of all redirection on your site. You can set up temporary and permanent 404 redirections. An also you can set up custom redirection for faulty URLs on your site.

And now click on Save and Continue for the next page.

Step 12: Set Schema For The Site

migrate from yoast to rankmath

Now choose schema markup for your posts and pages like the above screenshot.

I write blog posts on that site so I choose the Article as schema markup. Or you can change schema markup for every post when you wrote the posts.

If you write news articles then choose News as schema, and if you review products on articles choose Review as schema.

After that click on Save and Continue.

Conclusion: How To Migrate From Yoast To Rankmath

Congratulation you have successfully switching from Yoast to Rankmath.

When you do the migration process Rankmath will automatically deactivate the Yoast SEO plugin. Because at the same time activating two SEO plugins will hurting your site.

Don’t activate two SEO plugins at the same time.

Remember one thing don’t remove the Yoast SEO plugin completely from your site. Because if you don’t like to use Rankmath then you can activate the Yoast SEO plugin without losing the SEO data.

If you remove the Yoast plugin completely you will lose the SEO data. Because another SEO plugin does not support import SEO settings from Rankmath.

Follow the above step to migrate your SEO plugins to Rankmath.

Post your valuable thought on the comment box and share the post. Thank you.

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