12 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid When Writing A Blog Post

Mistakes to avoid when writing a blog post

Do you have a blog and write articles on your blog? Then you need to avoid some blogging mistakes. Here are 12 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid When Writing A Blog Post That you must know.

12 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid When Writing A Blog Post

At first, You need to build trust with your audience to get more responses for the future.

Nowadays thousands of blog posts and videos published on the Internet per hour. If you don’t give value to your audience they will go for another option, because there are unlimited content available.

If you want to get responses from your audience and want to build community then you need to write a great and quality article.

Especially I write this article to help you to write a great article by avoiding some mistakes.

Following are the 12 Mistakes to avoid when writing a blog post.

Also, you can read what not to do when starting a blog if you are a beginner and going to start your first blog.

1. Ignoring Blog Topic

Ignoring blog topic, blogging mistakes to avoid when writing article,

Let’s assume that you are going to read an article for learning yoga tips and search on Google ” 8 Best Yoga tips To Reduce Fats”.

From the results page, you are landing on an article which title is very attractive.

Once you are starting to read you notice that the article contains some useless paragraph that is not relatable to points. And that paragraph distracts you.

Many bloggers try to write very long articles and make mistake with writing irrelevant paragraphs. Because they think a long article can easily rank on Google. Yes, that’s right but if you write irrelevant words it makes readers annoying.

Don’t write extra and non-relatable paragraphs for making articles long, always stick to the points and try to write every important point of articles with minimum words.

Make your articles long with valid points. Non-relatable points can distract readers to exit the article and it increases the bounce-back rate which is not good for your site. Also, Once readers get annoyed they never come back to your sites again.

2. Self Promoting

Too much self promotion

Do you know readers comes to your blog post to read and get knowledge?

They don’t have any interest to know about you and your life.

I have seen many bloggers write some paragraphs about themselves and their life between blog posts which is annoying.

As a blogger, you have to help readers to solve their problems, guide them and help them to find the right answers.

Yes, write about you and your life between a blog post if it helps readers to understand that topic, makes them happy and motivated them.

Too much promoting yourself on every blog posts make readers annoying. And then they will try to avoid you and your blog post.

3. Don’t give time to write and edit blog posts

A common blogging mistake that every blogger done at the beginning stage and some of them continued the same mistake.

You are not a superhuman that you can write a blog post in 10 minutes and publish it. If you do the same then your post might become useless.

Before publishing blog posts you should give time to editing.

  1. Write the posts like no one other write before(make it unique).
  2. After completing the writing process read the posts.
  3. Remove all unnecessary paragraphs.
  4. If you think you need to add some important paragraphs then add them.
  5. Replace all difficult words with simple words to make your article easy to understand.
  6. Divide all long sentences to make them short.
  7. Try to make all paragraph minimum. (Like two or three sentences). It makes an article attractive to read.
  8. Arrange all headings and paragraph properly.

Always give time to every blog posts on writing and edit. And, re-edit all old articles periodically and add all missing information to them.

4. Writing Articles without knowing your audience

Know your blog audience

The audience is very important for you. Before you write an article you should learn about how your audience reacts to your article.

Don’t write articles for everyone only target some specific audience. Learn about their behaviour and what they love and then write articles targeting their interest.

Once you start to write for your regular readers and target their interest and issues they will attach with you and starting to trust you. And, then you can convert them to regular customers.

You can only get thousands or more views if you write for everyone but can not convert them to a customer. Because everyone has different interest and different issues.

For example, you have a blog on the baby care niche. On that blog, you can gain audiences who want to know how to care for a baby. But, if you start to write about protein and nutrition, they never read those article because they don’t have an interest.

5. Don’t Write Article With Simplicity

You want to show your writing skills with blog posts which make the post very complicated. And you love complexity. But, it’s not about you it’s all about your readers.

People loved simple thing and loved to read simple articles.

A simple and easy to understand article will help anyone to solve issues. So, try to write articles in plain English and cut all complex words and sentences.

If you write an article adding some difficult and complex words then the article will become difficult to understand for some readers.

When you writing an article always keep in mind that you have to target every reader not only some who understand the complexity. Yes, they will compliment with good words but you will lose those who can’t understand the article.

Make sure that your article is easy to read for a 7th standard student and also for an English literature professor.

6. Writing Useless Content

As I mentioned above always stick to the point and write that sentence or paragraph if that is important for the article.

If you write useless paragraphs to make your article long then your article will become boring and useless.

And remember that write only that article that is related to your blog niche.

Every article will be considered to be a useless article if that has no relation to your blog niche. Because your audience is loved to read about your blog niche related content, not others.

7. Over Optimise For SEO

Over optimising will kill your writing test and abilities.

Yes, we should optimise an article for SEO for rank and help to understand the Google bot to crawl the article.

But that doesn’t mean that you should stick with SEO and need to do 100% on-page SEO.

Do on-page SEO with simple but don’t give too much important that kill your writing tests and abilities.

Remember, you should write an article for your audience not for the Google bot. Your article will read the audience, not Google bot. You are trying to help the audience, not Google bot.

If you write articles for the audience providing the best quality and they loved your article whether those articles are poorly SEO they will rank one day.

For example, this article is about ” 12 mistakes to avoid when writing a blog post and my focus keywords are mistakes to avoid when writing blog posts, blogging mistakes to avoid, blogging mistakes for beginners etc.

If I try to optimise the article 100% for Google bot to crawl the article to rank, I need to paste every focus keywords 4-6 times for 1000 words. And, if I do the same then the article will become annoying for the audience, But healthy for Google Crawler.

8. You Are Focus On Words Count

There is a common myth spreading everywhere that if you write a long article then it will become rank easily.

Even I also told you that write a long article to rank it easily. Yes, this is one of the best strategies to rank. But not only long matters to rank you should provide quality.

And, then you are focusing on words count and forget about quality. Sounds crazy, haha.

For example, If you write an article that will become 600 words. And, provide the best quality with covering all important points then don’t think more publish it.

It doesn’t mean that you should write more words to make long. And, bringing the article from 600 to 1500 words for just making long will be annoying for the reader.

Don’t think about words count just write the best quality content and publish it.

9. Your Article Is Not Unique

Do you know there are millions of articles available on the internet?

Now why people come to your blog to read? What you provide them?

Since there is plenty of option available for a reader then they will not stay for one minute which content quality is not good and unique.

Write articles like no one other wrote before to catch people.

Google will also rank your article if your article is unique and covered some points which are not covered by other bloggers before.

10. Over Consistency

You are not a machine or superhuman, right?

Many bloggers think that they have to publish one article per day. How is it possible for a one-man army?

You need to research a new topic per day and then need to keywords research for the topic. After that, you need to write a complete article and then edit and recheck the article and publish it.

For a single man, it is difficult to manage to publish a new article per day. If you have a team then you can publish a new article per day. You can make the schedule twice a week or once a week.

It will possible to publish a new article per day if you provide poor quality content with research properly and copy-paste from others which is unhealthy for your blog.

11. Write Article Without Keyword Research

Keyword research

What is your thinking about keyword research?

Some beginners blogger don’t believe in the keyword research process. They start writing articles without keyword research.

And, after writing 20- 50 articles they got frustrated and stop to write because they don’t see any good results from those articles.

If you don’t research keyword properly then you can’t use proper keywords on your blog posts. And, without a proper keyword, your blog posts can not get organic traffic.

12. Don’t Use Images And Videos

The most crucial role of an article is images, videos and GIF, etc. Also, images are a considerably significant part of SEO.

Since images have a great role in SEO and article then why many bloggers don’t add images in their article.

Specifically, if you solve user queries and write how to blog posts then don’t forget to add images to help user to understand easily. Images and videos added colours in articles.

Conclusion: Blogging Mistakes To Avoid When Writing A Blog Post

Here we come to the end of the article “12 blogging mistakes to avoid when writing a blog post”. Above all, the most crucial mistakes ever done by every beginner and most of them continued.

Read the article properly and bookmark the page on your browser when you write a new article make sure to read it again and try not to make the above mistakes.

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