How To Start A Blog in 2021 Best Step By Step Guide

How to start a blog

Want to Know How to Start a Blog in 2021? This is the right place to learn how to start a blog. You can find here Step By Step Guide for both who want to start with WordPress or Google Blogger.

I don’t know why you think to start your own blog but it’s great thinking, One day This thinking can change your life. Check how to start a blog

How to Start a blog

Are you want to work as a boss or work for yourself. And never want to work under anyone.

Do you want to make your own rule and live like a free man and travel the world? And Is it possible?

Yes, blogging makes it possible. Because Blogging can make that much of passive income for you.

Starting a blog is not so difficult.  But as a Beginner, you have to follow a proper guide to settle up a blog without any problems. I am providing you with the guidance to start a blog in 2021.

Before starting You have to learn about blog and blogging.

If you do not have time to read then scroll down and read from Step No 1 to start a blog.

If you think to create a blog then create now don’t waste time. Because blogging becomes very competitive per day. If you start today then you have more preference and chance to grow your blog than others who start later.

Do you have questions in mind that I don’t know about blogs and I don’t have any blog knowledge? And What should I write about on my blog? What topic should I try for my blog?

This doesn’t matter. You will gain knowledge day by day. And about the topic, I will cover it. Read it.

What is a Blog? How to start a blog and why?

  • A blog is a platform where you can share about yourself, your life.
  • A platform where you can share your knowledge and experience.
  • On this platform, you can teach people about what you know very well.
  • This platform can help you to develop your writing skills.
  • And most important about a blog is that you can earn money from your blog.

I think you get the answer. Now go for the steps.

Step 1: Pick A Niche For Your Blog (What to talk about on your blog/Topic)

start a blog

Every blogger should have picked a Niche to start a blog and that is the most important part of the blog. Because your blog will be going to depend upon your chosen Niche.

Niche is a small topic. If you not choosing a niche and decided to write everything then you are just closer to one step of failure. And it is one of the biggest blogging mistakes done by many bloggers.

If you writing about more than one topic then it becomes very difficult to make a regular audience and grows up your blog.

Let’s make it easy to understand for you

ShoutMeLoud, Ankur Aggarwal,  Backlinko. They are starting with a niche and now they are making millions of dollars in profits. You can read them also. In this platform, many more examples exist who start with a niche and now making too many profits.

So to make a profit from your blog you have to choose a niche. I think you got it.

Your blog topic(niche) should be anything and it doesn’t matter what is your niche. Just pick a niche about your knowledge and be interested to start with a blog.

 Make it easy for you

  • Take a pen and paper
  • Write something on the paper 10-15 line about any topic that you love, like- football, cricket, volleyball, foods, meditation, etc.
  • Check which topic you write about very well without wasting too much time.
  • Pick one best topic from that.
  • Remember that, choose a profitable niche

If you are still can’t figure it out then read this article How To Choose A Perfect Niche. And, this will help you to choose a niche for yourself. And now move on to the next steps.

Steps 2: Choose a Domain Name for your Blog

start a blog

Many people waste too much time on deciding domain name(Blog Name). If you have a domain name or decide on a domain name then go to the next step.

Your domain name doesn’t have to unique just make it simple and easy to write and rememberable. But it also does not matter. If your content will be good then traffic will come automatically.

There are many more examples whose blog names are difficult to pronounce, write, and remember but they are still a popular blogger.

So the blog’s name doesn’t matter. If you still can’t figure out the good name of your blog then here are some tips.

  • Don’t name a star, planet. It’s waste of time.
  • Keep it simple and short for the best. Short and simple names are easy to remember.
  • Don’t use numbers on your domain name. Because it’s difficult to remember the number.
  • Use your niche keyword for the blog name, which helps SEO.

If you still can’t figure out a blog name then start a blog with your name. Don’t choose a difficult domain name because it will be more difficult to remember and difficult to make a brand for the name.

Step 3: Buy Domain Name

You choose a blog name. Let your blog name is “Blogging Cotthen your domain name will be or .in, .org, etc.

Now after choosing the domain name then we should go to buy the domain name.

There is many domain name provider but I recommended GoDaddy. Because I also use GoDaddy.

Step 4: Choose A Blogging Platform to start a blog

There are dozens of blogging platforms including WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Squarespace, and many more. Some of them paid and some of them free.

Choose the right platform is not tough. Many people waste time choosing the right blogging platform. If you don’t figure out to choose the right one here is the complete article Best Blogging Platform. Go and choose the best.

We recommend you use WordPress to start a blog.


Because WordPress is easy to use. And comes with all features that a blogger needs. 

By using WordPress you can create any type of website. And there are dozens of plugins available which makes it easy to create any type of website.

If you don’t have a budget then the second option will be Google Blogger which is free.

Here is a complete guide for WordPress and Blogger

Step 5: Find A Web Hosting Provider( For WordPress)

Before finding Web Hosting Provider You have to know what is web hosting.

Websites are like a shop. To open a shop you need land. Also in the online world website is like a shop. If you want to create a website you need space in the online world(land). And, that is called web hosting.

Finding a web Hosting Provider and buying web hosting is different.

Finding means selecting a company that provides web hosting. And buying means you are buying web hosting (space) from that company.

There are lots of web hosting provider company.

For example Siteground, a2hosting, Bluehost, hostinger, etc.

I am using a2hosting. You can also use a2hosting. It’s good and affordable. The best thing about a2hosting is the money-back guarantee at any time.

On the other hand, in other hosting providers money-back guarantee is valid for only one month. Also, you can use the best Siteground but it’s the price is very high.

Grab 66% offers from A2hosting By Click Here 

In this article, I will guide you to start a blog through a2hosting. But if you buy another web hosting don’t worry the process is similar to each other.

To get web hosting  follow the following step

Step 1:

Blogging guide

Visit a2hosting. And go to the web hosting page and select a plan. I recommend the drive and Turbo boost plan. Later, you can upgrade your plan.

Step 2:

Blogging guide

Also, you can buy a domain name from a2hosting. If you buy from another then choose the number 3 option. Otherwise,  you can register your new domain name and click on the check.

Step 3:

Guidance of blogging

Select the Billing Cycle. There will be three options 12 months, 24 months, and 36 months. I recommend you to select for 36 months. Because if you choose 12 months then after 12 months you have to renew. And the renewal price will become double.

blogging guide

Set Server location which is near to you. And, you can choose below all option if you need. But, you have to pay extra for it.

blogging guide

Choose WordPress- A2 optimize as an auto installation. Or you can choose none also. If you choose none then you have to install manually from the c-panel.

blogging guide

And Now click on Continue for further process.

Step 4:

blogging guide

Review your order and click on checkout.

blogging guide

Fill up the form with personal information and billing information.

blogging guide

After filling in all information, now choose your payment option, and then complete the order. When you complete the order check your Gmail for a confirmation message. On Gmail, they attached all Information like password, user name, name server, billing invoice, etc.

Now one step to do. Go to GoDaddy (Where you buy your domain name) And Update the Name server on DNS Management. Nameserver was attached to the Gmail of a2hosting. For a2hosting nameserver are,,,

Well done, your WordPress website was created. Check the website. The first look at the website is below.

blogging guide

Step 5:

If you Install WordPress Manually then login with a2hosting. Then Go to C-Panel.

blogging guide

After that Click on the C-Panel Login.

blogging guide

And now go to Softaculous App Installer, then Select WordPress A2 to optimize to install WordPress.


Here, Click on the Install Now. After that fill in the information like domain name, WordPress login admin name, and password. Your WordPress will install within 5 to 10 minutes.

Step 6: 

blogging guide

Login to WordPress to make changes to your website. Always remember the user name and password and also the following URL to log in to the WordPress dashboard.

On “your domain” paste your domain name.

Okay, now move on to the blogger platform to start a blog for free.

Don’t exit because I have told you some important points at the end of the article. So, scroll down to read the important point. Because you need to know that. Read, them in this article will help you to save many hours.

Create a blog on blogger

At first, open the chrome browser on your mobile or laptop. If you using mobile turn on chrome browser as a desktop mode.

Now go to the Blogger website and sign in with a google account which is usually called Gmail. If you don’t have a Google account (Gmail) then create.

After login with Gmail account click on the “Create Your Blog” button to creating a free blog


Now enter a name. Remember this name is not your blog name this is the author’s name. So you have to put your name or any name which will be displayed as the author and after entering name click on “Continue to Blogger”.

And, then enter your blog title(Blog Name) and address(Domain Name).

So my website Name is “Blogging Cot” and this is my blog title and my website link “” which is my address or domain name.

Remember one thing if you want to create a free blog then your domain address will be like “” not like “”.

And, If you don’t want then you have a purchase domain name like my domain name ““.

create blog

 Choose a theme from below. You can also change the theme, upload, or customize themes after creating a blog. Now click on “Create Blog

Blogger guide

Great job, your blog is ready now. And this is your blog dashboard.

Change Your blogger theme

If you don’t want a blogger default theme then you can upload your theme. Customize your theme just go to “Theme” and change the theme as you want.

You can use the “Minima Colored 3” theme. It’s free and easy to use, SEO, and AdSense friendly responsive template.

Also, you can buy a premium theme for more customization.

After activating the theme click on view blog to see what your website look like.

Okay, Let’s go for the important point of the WordPress blog.

Choose The Best Theme For WordPress Blog

After installing WordPress, you need to install or upload the theme. The theme is more important to design a WordPress blog.

For blogging, Blog designing is the most important. If your blog design is not attractive or good design, viewers will exit and never come again. So design matter for gaining or losing traffic. To design, a WordPress blog chooses the best themes.

I recommend you to use GeneratePress or Astra themes. These two themes are lightweight themes that load your website fast. Many experts use these two themes. I use Astra themes.

If you wanna buy premium themes you need to check the following thing

  • Check the theme is lightweight, mobile-friendly, SEO friendly, responsive, and easy to use.
  • Also, you need to  Check the theme is compatible with your WordPress latest version.
  • Customer support service is good or bad.

Best Premium WordPress themes 

Here are the four best premium themes you can use. Many pro bloggers use these themes on their blogs.

GeneratePress: GeneratePress is the lightest theme that helps you to load your blog fast. It is easy to use and customize your blog. And, popular for great performance, SEO, and user-friendly. GeneratePress to run your blogs with stability, security. The customer support service is awesome. 

Astra Pro: Astra pro is like GeneratePress. But Astra Pro has some extra feature which helps you to design your blog attractive and professional. And, also it is a lightweight theme. 

Ocean Wp: Similar to Astra. Ocean Wp is an SEO friendly theme. And also works well with a page builder like elementor, Thrive Architect and Brave Builder, etc. 

Schema: Schema is a clean coded and modest design theme. You won’t need any third-party plugin for the placement of ads, this theme has already a feature to insert ads. This is popular for SEO features. Because of clean code, your blogs will become super fast.

After choosing themes. Go to WordPress dashboard, Click on Appearance > themes > Add New.

On the search box search your theme name and install it. If you already download from the official website then click on Upload and then upload the file.

After completing installation and uploads activate your theme by clicking activate. Congrats your WordPress theme is activated. Now you have to customize the theme as your need. 

To customize the theme Click Appearance > Customize. And, now customize as your need.

Essential Plugins For WordPress

The good thing about the WordPress website is you don’t need to worry about anything. There are lots of plugins available which makes everything easy.  You can install any plugins you need. But here I told you some essential plugins which important.

Elementor: This is a page builder plugins. By using these plugins you can design your blogs attractive and professional. This is a drag and drop tool. I just loved this plugin. You can make your blog stunning by using elementor.

Yoast SEO: The name of the plugin tells everything. SEO is the most important part of a blog. To rank in google you need to do SEO proper. And, this plugin makes it easy for you. Yoast SEO helps you to do SEO on your blog.

WP Rocket: Speed is also an important part of ranking a blog. To rank, your blog should be fast. The Wp Rocket plugin helps you to fasten your blog. It optimizes your blog and makes your blog faster. 

Anti Spam: Anti Spam plugins help you to remove spam comments on your blog. Many times you receive spam comments. Anti-spam review all comments and which comment looks like spam remove them automatically. 

These are the most important plugins. I will update the list later. Now if you don’t know how to install plugins, don’t worry  I will help you

Login with WordPress dashboard > Plugins > Add new

On the search box search your plugins name and install it. If you already download it from the official website upload the plugin file and install it.

After installation activates the plugins by clicking on activate. 

Write Your First Post 

Above all the complete guide to starting a blog. Okay, you are now creating your blog. But, there is no end.

If you want to live your blog then add some fresh and valuable content.

Before adding any content or writing any post I recommend you to create a page “about you and your website. And also create “privacy policy“, “Disclaimer“, “Contact pages.

To create pages go to Pages > Add new

To write an article go to posts > Add new

How to Write a Valuable and Informative Article

Do you know Content is king?

If you have great content then people automatically visit your blog. Give your readers value with your content, they again come to your blog to read another article. Just write valuable and informative content, which helps readers. 

Are you stuck at this point? If you do not have any idea to write an article. Don’t worry let me help you. 

Here is some point you have to focus on.

  • Do research keywords under your niche. Remember the keyword is important. With more keywords, you have more chance to rank fast.
  • After finding keywords, read articles on this keyword and see videos. Collect information around the keywords.
  • Take a pen and paper, write some useful and valuable points from the information.
  • And now add some fresh points.
  • Write an article completely different from what is already available.
  • I recommend you write a complete article on paper. After that type of article. I also use these methods. 

Congratulations You write your first stunning, valuable, informative article on your blog. Write continuously to rank your blog.

So this is all about How to start a blog on blogger or WordPress. I think you understand well. Now go and start a blog in your interest niche. Best of luck.

Don’t forget to share it on your social media account and leave a comment. Thank you. Sharing Is Important.

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