What Not to Do When Starting a Blog? 13 Mistakes to Avoid

Are you thinking to start a blog? Starting a blog for the first time is an amazing experience. But, you need to know what not to do when starting a blog?

What not to do when starting a blog

When you are a beginner there is a higher chance to makes mistakes which is not vital for your blog and your journey.

When I am starting my blogging journey 3 years ago, I didn’t know about blogging.

I made many mistakes and then I learn from the mistakes. It’s doesn’t mean that now I don’t do any mistakes. I do mistakes and try to learn from the mistake.

And, that is why here I am going to share some point about “What not to do when starting a blog?”

Before starting a blog read this article and avoid doing the same mistakes that I do.

What Not To Do When Starting a Blog? 13 Expert Tips

You want to start a blog read my Step By Step Guide Of How To Start A Blog.

Before and after starting a blog read and pin the article on your browser to avoid those common blogging mistakes.

Here I put 13 Blogging Mistakes that every beginner do. Try not to do these mistakes to succeed speedily. Let’s go for “What Not To Do When Starting A Blog?

1. Choosing Free Blogging Platform

The first common blogging mistakes that every blogger do at the beginning.

Remember if you want to get success on blogging then never goes for a free blogging platform.

Every beginner, choose Google Blogger as a blogging platform to launch their first blog. And, after wasting one or more years they regret and shift to another platform(WordPress).

Why do we need to shift from Blogger?

Because Blogger has many limitations you can not control your blogs as you want. To know more read this article” Which is best WordPress or Blogger?”

If you are working on Google Blogger then Shifting from Blogger to another platform is very tough and you will lose your SEO, traffic, subscriber, followers.

Shifting from Blogger means starting a new blog. Your hard works will become worthless.

So before starting blog research about the best blogging platform(You can read my article too). Don’t go for a free platform. I recommend WordPress as a blogging platform.

WordPress is the most popular and powered more than 38% of websites available on the Internet.

To start blogging on WordPress you need to purchase a domain name and web hosting.

I recommend you A2Hosting service to buy web hosting. They offer reliable and secure web hosting. I also use A2Hosting for my all blogs.

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2. Choosing Cheap and Bad Web Hosting Service

The second most common mistakes done by many bloggers.

Many bloggers go for the cheapest web hosting services to start a blog or shift a blog from Google Blogger.

Before going to any web hosting service research about the company and compare it with others.

A cheap and bad web hosting service will provide you poor quality service and the customer support will also very poor.

You can read this article “Best Web Hosting Service Provider” to learn about them.

I used A2Hosting for all my blogs. And, my experience is very well with A2Hosting. I also recommend A2Hosting to you.

A2Hosting is a reliable and secure web hosting service. If you buy from my given link you will get up to 72% discount.

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3. Start Blog With Out Choosing Specific Niche

Many bloggers start a blog without choosing a specific niche. They think that they will get out of ideas to write articles on the same topic(niche).

So, they start a blog without choosing any niche and writes everything.

One of the crucial mistakes I made when I start blogging and waste my time.

Writing articles about everything and anything will not make your blog a brand. If you can not make your blog a brand then you can not succeed in blogging.

Think that you are a reader and you love to read about yoga tips then which blog will you follow to read.

Simple, you will follow the blog that is Yoga related blog and expert on Yoga. But you can’t follow the blog that writes everything. Because they don’t have the right knowledge of Yoga.

This condition is the same for every user. So, always choose specific content to target a specific audience.

A micro-niche blog is easy to rank in Google and get traffic. Every successful blogger has a strong niche blog. And, they always target a specific audience.

4. Do Not Choose a Wrong Niche

Yes, it also impacts your blogging journey. A perfect niche will carry your blogging journey to the top.

Everyone says to choose a niche/micro-niche to rank in search engine easily and get traffic.

As per the direction many bloggers choose micro-niche and start a blog. But, they can’t succeed, because they do not have any interest in that topic.

Also, there are two types of niche profitable and non-profitable. If you select a niche that you love but non-profitable then you can’t make money from the blog. You can only depend on Google AdSense on that niche.

So before choosing a niche follow the following points.

  1. Choose a niche that you love
  2. Can you write articles for more than 10 years on that niche?
  3. Can you write a minimum of 1000 articles on that niche?
  4. Is it profitable? (Some niche is non-profitable like a quote, lyrics, etc. )
  5. Can you sell products in that niche?.
  6. Can you make followers on that niche?

Here is the complete article on “How to choose a perfect niche for your blog?

5. Don’t Purchase Wrong Domain Name

Many bloggers done mistakes in purchasing a domain name. A domain name is the name of your blog, so don’t compromise anything to buy the domain name.

Don’t buy a domain name quickly and start a blog you gonna regret it later.

Before purchase, a domain name follows the following points.

  1. Your domain name should be short and easy to type. (Short and easy name is easy to searchable for everyone)
  2. The domain name should be easy to remember. (If user remember your blog name they can visit your blog by searching the name)
  3. Don’t name your blog by the name of star, planet and another popular thing.
  4. It should be related to the niche. (It helps to rank easily)
  5. It should be unique and catchy (It helps to make a brand easily)
  6. You can start with your name (If you can’t find any name as above)

6. Writing Useless Content

“Content is king” I know you heard the line. Yes, content is king.

If you want to start a blog and want to make a career in the blogging industry then you need to provide great content.

Google also prefer quality content to users that solve their problem. So, write quality content that solves users query.

Google change their algorithm regularly to provide the best content to users. You don’t need any backlink to rank your blog. Once you write user query content Google automatically promotes and rank your blog.

If you write useless content and rank on Google then every user will go to read your article and then click back without reading the full article which increases the bounce-back rate of your blog.

Once your blog bounce-back rate increase Google will automatically down your ranking and after that it will be very tough to rank again.

7. Don’t Waste Time On Over Designing

Many bloggers wasting too much time on designing the blog. They try to make their blog perfect.

It is the sad truth of every beginner blogger. They think that without making a perfect blog you can’t make money from blogging and can not succeed in blogging.

Yes, you need a good design and a good domain name, but it doesn’t mean that you will waste too much time on designing and finding the perfect domain name.

The reality is design and domain name is not matter in success. Only Content matter.

If you have a blog with a good name and design but the content quality is very poor no one visit your blog to read it.

But if you have a blog with lots of quality content and your blog name and design is very simple and clean then your success is 100% sure.

So, don’t waste too much time making perfect your blog with your name and design. Make your blog perfect with quality content.

8. Only Depending On Social Media

I see many beginners spending too much time on every social media to promote their blog content rather than writing content and learning strategies.

They do that because every blogger does. But, every social media has different strategies to promote content.

I recommend you use two or three social media to promote your content. Learn about these two or three social media how they work and then apply that strategy to promote your content.

Pinterest and quora are the best options for getting traffic to your blog content and Facebook is best for making followers of your blog.

9. Don’t Ignore SEO

As I above told you content is king and quality content matters to succeed in blogging.

Yes, that’s 100% right. But I saw many bloggers write very good content on their blogs. But, they ignore SEO. So, they struggle.

Only hard work doesn’t matter, mixed your hard work with smart work to get success.

Write SEO friendly quality content on your blog to rank in search engines easily.

Optimise your blog content to make SEO friendly. Rank math will help you to manage your on-page SEO like provide focus keywords, meta description, SEO friendly URL, alt text etc.

9. Don’t Ignore Keyword Research

When I was starting my blogging journey I used to ignore keyword research. I was writing articles without research.

Don’t do the same mistake I ever done in the past.

Keyword research will help you to find easy keywords, long-tail keywords, new keywords. Many bloggers write great content but they don’t know how to optimise their contents with the right keywords.

The right keyword will help you to bring organic and paid traffic from search engines.

There are many keyword research tools available on the market. You can use SEMrush one of the most popular keywords research tool.

10. Don’t Ignore Backup

Backup is the most important part of blogging. You need to take backup of your blog regularly to avoid any risks.

Why backup is important?

Backup is important because your blog should be hacked or crashed or even penalised by Google.

Once you take backup you can easily import your content to a new blog if your blogs get compromised or crashed.

There are some web hosting that provides the automatic backup system with their hosting service. But, I recommend you to use backup plugins for taking backup regularly.

Updraftplus is one of the best backup plugins for WordPress. Or you can read my article best backup plugins for WordPress.

11. Not Creating Email Lists

One of the most mistakes ever done by beginners. Even I was ignored to creating email lists which is my one of the biggest mistake.

But, now from last year, I am used to collecting emails.

Why you should create email lists?

Email Marketing is one of the most profitable marketing. You can boost your earnings 10 times more than regular.

Once you collect an email from a user then you can send emails to the user to buy your products, affiliated products.

Through emails, you can easily convert your visitors to customers, and convert your customers to the regular consumer.

Also, you can send emails to the user when you publish an article. It will increase your blog traffic.

12. Consistency Overwhelming

To start a blog and get succeed in the blog you need consistency to publish new articles.

When I was started my blogging journey, I used to think that to succeed in blogging I need to publish a new post per day.

But, a blogger couldn’t publish a new post per day if he does not have many contributors.

Yes, content required to succeed in blogging but when it comes to quantity vs quality then quality wins the battle.

Write quality content and published it. You don’t need to publish a new post per day.

You can schedule as three posts per week, two posts per week, one post per week, two posts per month. Just publish a new post consistently at the same time interval.

13. Don’t Use Free and Copyright Images

Usually, many beginners copy and paste an image from the Internet. Don’t do that it’s illegal.

Because of using images from the Internet, you might pay lots of money for the copyright infringement fees to the owner.

If you want to use free images from the Internet then there are plenty of websites like pixels that provides free royalty images. You can use them in your articles.

Also, you can create your own image easily using tools like canva. Canva allows you to create a professional image to use your blog content.

Conclusion: What Not To Do When Starting A Blog

This is the complete article on “what not to do when starting a blog?”.

Hope you can’t do these 13 common blogging mistakes that I do when I was starting my blog.

I wish this article will help you a lot. If you like the article then share it on the following social media. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “What Not to Do When Starting a Blog? 13 Mistakes to Avoid”

  1. Hi, Jintu. I started my blog last month and was intrigued to see the title. Really nice and helpful post. I’m still struggling to narrow down my niche and understand how to do the keywords research. Will read more of your articles. Hoping to learn from you 🙂

  2. Hey Jintu,
    Your post is very helpful and informative for all readers and for me also.
    I’m still struggling to narrow down my niche and understand how to do the keywords research.
    Before and after starting a blog read and pin the article on your browser to avoid those common blogging mistakes is very helpful for me because I always do this mistake.
    You have mention awesome things that we don’t have to do
    Thank you

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