Which Is Better WordPress Or Blogger For Blogging In 2021

Want to start a blog but confused about the platform to start. In the beginning, everyone gets confused because there are plenty of options to start blogging. So, which is better WordPress or Blogger(Blogspot) or another platform.

Which is better wordpress or blogger

WordPress Vs Blogger Which is better? This question is the common and highest asking questions in the blogging community. (Here we talked about WordPress.org, not WordPress.com. )

If you also searching for the answer to this question, then read this article. I write this article on behalf of WordPress vs Blogger comparison. From this comparison, you will find your answer.

WordPress and Blogger Both are the best blogging platform with a different perspective. If you asked me which is better WordPress or blogger, My answer is WordPress. I loved WordPress because it’s flexible, easy to use, design, control, support, future is far better than Google Blogger.

And I strongly recommend you to choose WordPress if your goal is to make money online.

Which is better WordPress or Blogger For Blogging?

Blogger is a free service from Google which allows you to create simple blogs and publish content. And WordPress.org is a self-hosted full-featured CMS(Content Management Service) that allows you to create any type of websites.

WordPress is powering more than 38% of websites available on the Internet and Google Blogger powering 1% of websites available on the internet.

At the very beginning, I started my first blog on Google blogger after that created another blog on blogger. I spent 1.5 years on working both blogs. The two blogs were good traffic (average monthly 5k to 10k).

But I am facing many problems like designing, controlling, adding new features even I can’t monetize both two blogs. So, I decided to shift to the WordPress platform. When I was prepared to shift to WordPress, I accidentally delete the backup content.

And now I started BloggingCot and another blog that related to my first blog on WordPress. This is not only my story, but every popular blogger also uses Google Blogger to create their first website and then they migrate to WordPress when they realise WordPress is far better than Google Blogger.

And, from my experience, I told you that WordPress is better if you are serious about blogging

WordPress Vs Blogger Comparison

As I mentioned above WordPress and Blogger both are the most popular blogging platform. So, people choose one of them to create blogs or website. Let’s compared both of them.

Which is Easy to Build Website – WordPress Vs Blogger

Nowadays creating a website is not rocket science, if you get a proper guide you will create a website in few minutes. I write a Step By Step Guide of How To Start A Blog for both platforms.

On Blogger

Creating a website on Blogger is very simple. With few clicks, you can create your website. To create website on Blogger you will need a Google Account.

To get started go to the Blogger website and then click on sign up. After signing up with your Google Account click on the “Create New Blog” and follow the process.

  • Choose a display name and click on next
  • Choose Blog address(URL) and click on next
  • Confirm Display name and click on finish
  • Congrats you create the website
WordPress vs blogger for simplicity, which is better WordPress or blogger

This is the Blogger dashboard which is very simple and clean interface. Anyone can understand the Blogger back-end interface without any technical skills.

On WordPress

Creating a website is also simple but the process is longer than blogger. To get started with WordPress you will need to buy a domain name and web hosting.

Buy web hosting from his A2hosting because it’s a fast, secure and reliable web hosting service. Click on the button to buy an A2Hosting web hosting service and grab a discount of up to 72%

After buying a domain name and web hosting service connect them and install WordPress.

Read the article Step By Step Guide On How To Start A Blog. Don’t create a website on WordPress without a proper guide because a simple mistake will ruin everything. So before starting to create a websites go with my proper guide. It takes around 30 minutes to create a website on WordPress.

WordPress dashboard simplicity

This is the WordPress dashboard and it is not a simple and clean interface like Blogger dashboard. To understand the WordPress back-end interface you need some technical knowledge or need to learn how to run WordPress. Don’t worry it’s not rocket science or don’t need any coding skills.

Considering this point Blogger is easy and simple to use.

Customize And Design – WordPress Vs Blogger

It is very important to design your website for better looks. A good looking website attracts user easily and keeps them for a long time.

Your blog design will decide that a user keep on your website for a long time or leave your website immediately.

Customizing And Designing On Blogger

Google Blogger provides you limited no of templates which is very basic and simple.

Blogger themes vs WordPress themes

The customization option is limited for all the template provided by the blogger authority. You can only change layout, colour and text.

If you want to design your website like a professional website you will need coding(HTML) skill. For a non-technical person, it becomes problematic.

Also on the Internet, there is some template available that allows you to design your website look like professional, but you need to pay them, and finding a good quality template on the Internet will also troublesome.

If the design does not matter for you and your blog then the blogger is okay.

WordPress For Customizing and designing

WordPress comes with tons of themes. Every theme has a different look. You can install any theme as per your blog category and design.

Also, there are lots of free and premium WordPress theme available on the market that you can use for your blogs. Here are the best WordPress themes perfect for your blog.

Wordpress vs blogger themes

At first, Go to Appearance and then themes to install or upload themes for your blogs. Once you are installing the theme you can customise it easily without any coding language.

There are some drag and drop page builder available that helped you to design your homepage, landing pages attractively.

If you are serious about blogging then you should also serious about your blog design.

Considering this point, WordPress is reasonable to choose as a blogging platform.

Content Management – WordPress vs Blogger

Blogging means a platform where we managed content like posts, pages, media, etc. Every blogging platform has a different interface to manage content. Some are easy to use and some have advanced features. A well-built contend management blogging platform is right to choose.

Blogger for content management

Blogger is specially designed for blogging and writing content. Since Blogger is a Google service, like other services Google makes it easy to handle for everyone. So you can write articles easily and publish them without any problem.

blogger vs WordPress article writing

On the upper side, a simple bar is shown from where you can control your articles like adding images, videos and other media, etc.

On Blogger there is a drawback you can only write articles easily, but can not design your articles to make them unique. All articles and pages design will be the same. As I mentioned above you’ll need HTML skills to design.

WordPress for content management

WordPress is open-source, you can use it in your liking ways. WordPress intuitive Block Editor makes it easy to create text content, managing posts, pages and media.

WordPress vs blogger article writing interface

You can add images, videos and other media using Block editor easily from the editing interface. Using some plugins you can add extra features to improve your text editor.

And, page builder helps you to design your posts and pages in your own ways that you think of. Which is not available on Blogger.

Considering this point, WordPress is better than Blogger. But if your motive is only learning and writing articles then you can go for Blogger.

Flexibility – WordPress Vs Blogger

Flexibility is also matters on your blogs. You’ll need to add more features to your blog in future. Once your blog is starting to grow you’ll need some advanced features for lead generation, selling something, payment gateway, etc.

So before starting a blog on any blogging platform make sure that they provide full control and flexibility.

Flexibility with blogger

Blogger is a simple blogging tool by Google.
You can only do some basic things on the Blogspot blog.

Blogger comes with limited inbuilt gadgets. Which are basic and their work is very limited.

flexibility WordPress vs blogger

Using those gadgets you can only add some features like advertising, subscription form, contact form, etc and there is no alternative.

Those gadgets won’t let you add advanced features like e-commerce, payment gateway, popups, etc.

Flexibility with WordPress

As I mentioned above WordPress is open-source. You can do anything with WordPress that your think of. You can easily add any features to your blog with the help of plugins.

On WordPress, you can add popups, social share, email subscription, payment gateway, online store,  and much more easily with plugins and third-party extension.

Flexibility WordPress vs blogger

To install plugins on your blog’s login to the WordPress dashboard and then go to Plugins -> Add New. After that search for plugins that you want and click on Install Now.

Also if you have coding skills you can make your own plugins to add more features.

Based on flexibility I will recommend you to use WordPress as a blogging platform.

Ownership(Control over content)- WordPress vs Blog

Ownership of a blog is very important. Before choosing a blogging platform you should check the following points.

  • Do you have full control over your content?
  • Can you fully own your site?
  • Is the blogging platform shut down your blog without warning?

Ownership in Blogger

Blogger is a Google-free service.  You can create a blog without any costs. You don’t need to buy any web hosting because Google hosts your blog on their servers free of costs.

The blog and content published on your blog are not fully owned by you. Google can shut down your blog at any time without any information or warning.

Since your blog is hosted on Google servers if the Google server will crash then you will lose your blogs and can’t recover.

Also, a horrible thing is that Google can shut down their service at any time without any notice. Already, Google does this with Feedburner.

Ownership in WordPress

WordPress is a self-hosted blogging platform. To started blogs, you’ll need to buy a domain name and web hosting.

Since you are buying a hosting service to host your blogs hence you have full rights to control your blogs.

It depends on you how you control your blog and when you shut down your blog. It is fully owned by you.

And, now if you ask me the question which is better WordPress or Blogger, My answer will be WordPress. Because ownership of a blog is very significant. And, using WordPress you become the owner of your blog.

WordPress vs Blogger For Beginners

Every experienced blogger was a beginner when they start. Let’s compared WordPress or Google Blogger for beginners.

Blogger for Beginners

Google Blogger is a simple and easy blogging platform designed for beginners. It’s very simple to start your blog and run your blog.

An extreme level beginner who doesn’t know about blogging he/she also start a blog with Blogger easily. You don’t need any technical knowledge because the interface is very clear, simple and clean.

WordPress for Beginners

WordPress is not as easy as Blogger. To start blogging with WordPress you need to learn.

To run a blog on WordPress is technical. It will be very difficult for an extreme level beginner to use WordPress.

Simply, WordPress is not for beginners. But it’s doesn’t mean that a beginner can not start blogging with WordPress. I add this line for comparison purpose.

So, If we compare Blogger vs WordPress for beginners then Blogger will win.

WordPress vs Blogger for Making Money

Most people come to the blogging industry for making money. So you must know which platform is best for making money. It’s very important otherwise you will regret it later.

Blogger for Making Money

Do you know Google AdSense is the first choice for making money with blogging? And, 90% of bloggers generate revenue from Google AdSense.

A few years ago it is easy to get approval for the BlogSpot blog from Google AdSense.  And, now it’s a tough one.

Also, there are many ways to make money with blogging. But, if you are using Google Blogger then this will be limited. You can make money with Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing.

WordPress for Making Money

If you use WordPress for your site, you can make money in many ways without limitation.

Google AdSense approval is not tough as Google Blogger. Also, you can make money with affiliate marketing, selling courses, selling ebooks, accepting the donation, selling services, etc.

Even you can take your affiliate marketing journey to an advanced level using some plugins and third-party integration.

On a WordPress site, you can add an online store, an e-commerce store that boosts your earnings to 10 times more than regular.

So WordPress is better than Blogger when it comes to making money.

Portability – WordPress vs Blogger

Don’t move your blog from one platform to another it is risky. And, that’s why always choose the best platform.

But it’s doesn’t mean that you will stay on one platform for a lifetime.

That’s why I recommend you to check which platform has the best and secure moving option.

Portability- Blogger

Google Blogger won’t give you a shifting option, so shifting your blog from Blogger to another platform with your own risk.

Google Blogger has only one option to moving your blog is that export content and then import the content on that platform to move your blog.

Once you move a blog from Blogger to Another platform you will lose SEO, subscriber, followers, traffic, etc.

Portability – WordPress

If you are using WordPress for your blog, then you can move your blog anywhere easily without losing anything.

You can move your blog from one hosting to another hosting, and you can change your domain name also without any losses.

So, WordPress has a secure portability opportunity. That means WordPress is better than Blogger to move blogs.

Support – WordPress vs Blogger

Support is one of the most important parts of blogging. You’ll need support if any issues happen to your site. So check which platform reach you when you need it.

Support from Blogger

Since Blogger is a free service so the support option is limited. Google won’t support anyone personally to solve problems.

On the Blogger dashboard, there is a help option where you can read and see the basic tutorials of your problem.

Support – WordPress

WordPress never compromised on support. On WordPress.org there is a popular questions-answers forum where creators makes discussion on themes, plugins and issues.

You can get live support from your web hosting service provider to solve your problems.

Also, if you use premium themes, plugins then they also support when you need it even free themes and plugins provider also help you.

So, which is better WordPress or Blogger?

Security – WordPress Vs Blogger

Security is not negligible, it has the most important role in your blogs. You will lose your hard work once your blog got hacked.

Security in Blogger

In blogger, You don’t need to worry about security. Because you have the advantage of Google security services. Google will take care of your blog resources security.

Yet, the problem is your blog is hosted on the Google Blogger server, if the server goes down all the blog hosted on Google Blogger will also down. And, then you are not able to get a backup of your content.

Security in WordPress

WordPress is a self-hosted platform so security and backup is your responsibility. You will need to take care of security and backup yourself.

But don’t worry there are some plugins available that make it easier for you.

Best backup plugins like UpdraftPlus will help you to get backups of your content regularly. And Really Simple SSL plugins will help you to improve your blog security.

Also if you purchase Cloudflare and SSL service then your blog will be more secure.

Yes, Blogger is more secure than WordPress, yet WordPress has advanced features to get backup of your content.

Considering this point, WordPress and Blogger both are winners.

WordPress vs Blogger for SEO

SEO will help you to rank your blog on search engines. So, being a blogger SEO is one of the most essential parts.

Blogger for SEO

Blogger is not a good option for SEO. There is no advanced option to optimise your blog for SEO.

You can only option to add titles, tags and labels to your articles.

But, remember without the quality of content you can not rank on any search engines. SEO will help you rank but

WordPress for SEO

WordPress is the best practices for SEO. There is a different level of SEO. You can optimise your blog articles for basic SEO with WordPress easily.

Some plugins help you to do SEO without any coding skills. You can Rankmath SEO plugins for your blog. I also use Rankmath for all blogs.

For SEO WordPress is better than Blogger.

Future – WordPress Vs Blogger

The future of your blogging journey is depended on you. Also, it depended on your platform, services. So before choosing a platform check that the platform is best for the future.

Future on Blogger

Since Google Blogger is a free platform owned by Google. And, all your blog data is owned by Google. So Google has full right over your content. They can shut down your blog without your consent.

Also, Google Blogger is a popular blogging platform. Yet, they did not update their service for many years. So, Future on Blogger is visionless.

Future on WordPress

WordPress is an open-source and self-hosted blogging platform.

You are fully owned your content on WordPress. Also, you own your hosting as long you pay for it. That means your blog will run till you pay for hosting.

WordPress is the most popular CMS service in the world and many bloggers and company depend on WordPress. So future of WordPress blog is safe.

Hence, WordPress is better than Blogger.

Conclusions: WordPress Vs Blogger Which is Better?

Now we come to the endpoint to decide which is better WordPress or Blogger?

WordPress and Blogger Both are the most popular blogging platform where you can start your blog.

But, we need to choose one platform. From the above 12 reasons we can easily decide that WordPress is best.

If you want to make your career in blogging then WordPress is the best and perfect platform.

And, if you want to learn how blogging works then choose Google Blogger.

Hope you will find your answer. If the article is helpful then share it with your friends.

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